Monty Bojangles Wins 6 Great Taste Awards in 2023

We have done it again! Winning 6 Great Taste Awards for our Irresistible Chocolatey Truffles – Including 2 Stars for our Magnificent Nougat Sour Cherry!

Flutter Scotch

“Attractive looking, well crafted, artisan truffles with an evenly coated light dusting of cocoa powder. The ganache was soft and melted in the mouth, while the crunch of the butterscotch gave the truffle texture. The chocolate was cocoa rich and the sea salt was not overpowering and blended well with the chocolate.”

Cookie Moon

“This truffles have an artisanal, rustic appearance and a pleasant aroma. The cocoa dusting is well judged without being overpowering and the cookie pieces add a welcome crunch to the texture, contrasting with the smooth truffle. An enjoyable truffle.”

Popcorn Carousel

“These have an attractive, artisan appearance, with a good bite-sized shape. There is a pleasant cocoa aroma on the nose, which continues through the eating. Cocoa is not the dominant flavour. These are crisp and flavoursome with salty overtones well balanced. Smooth texture, not all cloying.on the finish. Well made.”

Pretzel Parade

“These are a lot of fun – smooth dark chocolate beneath the light cocoa dusting suddenly delivering a salty crunch and unmistakeable note of pretzel…the pretzel addition is fun and leaves some palate-cleansing salinity on the palate.”

Share Me Nots

“These truffles have a rustic, artisanal appearance with a well judged amount of cocoa dusting. The feuilletine pieces add texture to a smooth truffle that is rich and slightly bitter but brilliantly balanced with the level of sweetness to make for a great tasting product. The feuilletine brings a different dimension from the usual nuts that are included in products similar to this, making for a different, well-executed product.”

Magnificent Nougat Sour Cherry

“A visually appealing nougat, with its glistening cherry and generous nut content, in addition to the pretty pink base tone. Kind on the teeth, gently yielding and lightly chewy, the nougat delivers a relatively simple flavour with little hint of honey but an abundance of sour cherry notes. The nuts are pleasingly fresh and crunchy and contrast nicely with the yielding cherry. This is surprisingly uncloying, well-balanced on the palate, and ultimately seductive.”