Our Monty Bojangles Waitrose Range Has Grown!

Our Monty Bojangles range in Waitrose has grown with the recent addition of our Persian Pink Cat Tin, our Perfectly Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar, our Millionaire Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar, and our newest product, Purrs.

We are thrilled that Waitrose will be there with open arms for all the chocolatey flavour-seekers of the world, offering even more of our Monty Bojangles range!

With our latest NPD, Purrs, alongside two of our chocolate bars, and the popular Persian Pink Cat Tin, we are really excited to be offering new and different products for our consumers to experience.

Of course, our core Monty Bojangles range remains the same, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the audience – with our Choccy Scoffy Gift Box, our Truffle Selection Gift Box, our Pretzel Parade Gift Box, and our Truffle Collection Gift Box.