Andrew’s Alumni Visits

Our MD and Founder, Andrew recently embarked on a series of alumni visits. These visits were not only a trip down memory lane for Andrew but also an opportunity to impart valuable insights and lessons to the next generation. Let’s dive into the highlights of his experiences.

Monty Bojangles x The Open University

I joined the @theopenuniversity in Milton Keynes to be interviewed about my experiences studying with the OU in the early stages of my career.

I can honestly say I was bowled over by how warm, friendly and fascinating I found everyone I met, and how welcome they all made me feel. Likewise with everyone’s patience when listening to me ramble on! It was uplifting being encouraged to recall those fond memories of cosy study.

Monty Bojangles x Trinity School

I was privileged to be invited back to my old school, @trinitycroydon, to speak to sixth form economics students in the Mitre Theatre about my experiences of setting up and building The Monty Bojangles Co.

While we touched upon the triumphs, awards and successes of the company, most time was spent on the setbacks, dangers and mistakes made along the way!

I believe passionately that delivering the authentic, spin-free, imperfect story to young adults contemplating their next steps in life is of far greater benefit than a glossy, pruned, pimped-up account! Let’s hear about the fear! The over-confidence! The naivety! It makes for a better story and demonstrates acutely that reward comes from persisting despite setbacks.

My journey has been utterly enriching. I’ve met wonderful people, experienced countless moments of triumph and defeat in equal measure. I wake up every day excited to start work, and finish each with satisfaction! Running your own business rocks! It is an ultimate challenge, and I wanted to make sure those bright sixth-formers at Trinity realised the uniquely rewarding potential an entrepreneurial path can deliver.

Monty Bojangles x Cumnor House School

I was also invited to my old school @cumnorhouseschool, to hold an assembly for their Upper School boys.

This experience was an utter delight for me! We achieved 3 things together:
I was able to share with the bright & alert boys in red gathered before me what our Cumnor House School values meant to me. Secondly I was able to impart 3 pieces of interview advice that I hope will remove some of the anxiety that can become entwined with these high pressure situations. Finally we were able to play a game! Anyone who knows me will confirm that I am an enthusiastic game player and never pass up a chance to have a little fun! 😊…

The game was simple: ‘How Many Truffles?’. I asked the boys and their Deputy Head to guess how many truffles Monty Bojangles makes in a year, within the context of some particularly interesting units of measurement: Bath tubs, chocolate dinosaurs, paths across the globe, Eifel Towers etc. etc. It was a riot! The boys reacted beautifully to the task – their intelligent guesses grew increasingly ambitious with every round!

My last question however was a little different. I asked them ‘How many mistakes have I made?”. Here the real intention of my game was revealed: I explained that the number of truffles we make (over 45 million a year by the way) pales as an indication of successs compared to the importance of admitting that I have made plenty of mistakes, they were MY mistakes, and that I will make many more yet!

So continues my campaign for embracing imperfection!

All my thanks to Deputy Head Cameron Jones for being so welcoming and allowing me to enjoy a nostalgic walk around the school thereafter.