Our newest chocolate bar – Milk Toasty Popcorn

Say hello to Monty Bojangles’ deliciously moreish Milk Toasty Popcorn chocolate bar!  We created this rich creamy bar and crammed it full of crunchy, caramelised roasted corn creating a distinctive sweet and savoury taste sensation.  The inclusion of roasted corn evokes incredible flavours of popcorn, making this bar the perfect accompaniment to movie-watching occasions!  This innovative flavour combination of the roasted corn with premium, creamy chocolate really sets it apart in the world of chocolate bars.

As with our other chocolate bars, Monty Bojangles created Milk Toasty Popcorn with meticulous care.  We used an authentic Bean-to-Bar process and the finest Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate, ensuring exceptional quality. Encased in a 100% recyclable wrapper, each bar is infused with Monty’s magic, featuring embossed characters on every square. This magical touch allows consumers to create their own secret messages and mischievous creations, which they can share on social media using the hashtag #MontyMessages.


Now available to purchase exclusively at Sainsbury’s!