The Grocer Chocolate Bar Champion!

The Grocer’s New Product & Packaging Awards 2023

Monty Bojangles’ latest creation, the Milk Millionaire Caramel Bar, has not only captured the essence of a chocoholic’s dream but has also earned the prestigious Gold Medal and the coveted title of Champion in the Chocolate Bar category at The Grocer New Product and Packaging Awards.

Monty Bojangles, the maestro behind this exquisite creation, describes the Milk Millionaire Bar as “a love letter to chocoholics.” It’s a symphony of flavours, featuring crumbly biscuit, delicate caramel flakes, and a touch of Fleur De Sel sea salt that dances on the taste buds.

Their panel of judges, renowned for their discerning palates, were unequivocally impressed by the bar’s “melt in the mouth texture” and “beautifully smooth taste.” The addition of a hint of saltiness provided a perfect harmony, earning accolades for achieving a delicate balance of flavours.

Our Marketing Manager, Sally Fenton, and Senior Product Developer, David Chillington, had the honour of attending the awards ceremony. Surrounded by industry peers and innovative minds, the atmosphere was electric with the celebration of excellence. David, representing the dedication and innovation of our entire team, proudly accepted the award, marking a significant milestone in our chocolate bar journey.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the passion and creativity that drives our team. We are committed to delivering authentic and exciting alternatives to the chocolate bar category, and the Gold Medal and Champion title for the Milk Millionaire Caramel Bar are the sweet rewards of that commitment.

We are excited about the journey these bars are set to embark upon. This is not just a win for Monty Bojangles; it’s a win for our entire community, our customers, and everyone who has been a part of this delectable journey.