Purrs: Monty Bojangles’ Newest Creation

Purrs have officially landed, and these velvety truffle balls promise to deliver a purrrrrfectly melt-in-the-mouth, rich, chocolatey experience.

Monty Bojangles’ latest product, Purrs, is now available exclusively at Waitrose: online and in selected stores.

We’ve stepped into new territories with this latest NPD, and are so excited about these velvety truffle balls, delivering a wonderful melt-in-the-mouth, rich, chocolatey experience.

The Belgian milk chocolate truffles, with Monty Bojangles’ best-in-class Belgian chocolate quality, deliver a point of difference in stand-out bold packaging featuring our iconic cat design in vibrant pink. This unique and bright design will ensure that Purrs is absolutely unmissable on shelves.

Bringing the joy back to gifting, Purrs are sure to make the perfect gift for a friend, or for oneself when needing a treat!

Available both in store and online.

Andrew Newlands, Monty Bojangles Founder and MD, says, “We are delighted to unveil Monty Bojangles Purrs. Offering something fresh, exciting, and genuinely special, Purrs is set to rekindle the joy of gifting within the category, reigniting consumer interest and in turn boosting category growth. As with all Monty’s offerings, our unique new launch is more than just a product, it’s an experience that restores the sentiment of giving something truly special. Meeting shopper appetites as insights show they continue to crave more delightful and unique experiences, we will satisfy these desires, introducing even more chocoholics to the fantastical (and uniquely delicious) world of Monty Bojangles. With further magical additions to the Monty Bojangles range planned for later this year, keep in touch with us at Truffle HQ for more of what we have in store for 2024.”