Monty Bojangles Launched First Rainforest Alliance Products

Sustainability is incredibly important to us. That’s why we proudly collaborate with the esteemed Rainforest Alliance ( Our commitment to a better future for both people and nature drives us to offer an exceptional range of products, with our range of Magnificent Belgian Chocolate boxes (Magnificent 8’s, 16 & 32) and our new Exquisite Chocolate Bars are all carrying the prestigious Rainforest Alliance Certification.

The Rainforest Alliance frog seal stands for a better future for people and nature. Certified farms are better and safer places to live and work, where human rights must be respected. Farmers receive training which addresses issues such as child labour and promotes gender equality and non-discrimination. The Rainforest Alliance also works to achieve better livelihoods for farmers and workers, for example, by encouraging farmers to use good agricultural practices that help improve crop yields and reduce costs.

Farmers must protect natural resources and the environment by using land, water, and energy carefully. Farmers on certified farms use fewer artificial fertilisers and pesticides, preventing pollution and managing waste. They learn how to preserve forested and protected areas, which in turn helps support biodiversity of plants and animals. Farmers and farm workers are also trained to use climate-smart farming methods and to adapt to the effects of the climate crisis.

Join us in championing a better tomorrow through Rainforest Alliance Certified products. To learn more about our partnership and the impactful work of the Rainforest Alliance, visit

Together, we are shaping a brighter future for our planet, one chocolate bite at a time.