The Monty Bojangles Co King’s Award Celebration

Last week The Monty Bojangles Co all came together at Truffle HQ to celebrate winning our second Award for Enterprise: Our King’s Award for International Trade 2023! The King’s representative, Deputy Lieutenant Colonel Ray Wilkinson & the Executive Mayor of Croydon, Jason Perry, honoured us by joining in the fun.

Following the presentation of the award by the resplendent Colonel and Andrew’s grateful toast thereafter, our VIPs were able to observe a short presentation of our latest ‘reveals’. They saw new products, new marketing media, @montybojangles brand awareness data and exciting future developments!

With each passing month there is more and more to grow excited about, and it was delightful for us all to share our enthusiasm for the future together.

Andrew – My final toast was to the team themselves. I can honestly say I had to fight through rising emotion while speaking. You see, as un-business-like as this no doubt sounds, I really love working with these incredible people, and care very much about them all. I believe we have the greatest team in the entire industry.

More than this; I believe our eclectic, unorthodox character, and our fierce passion for our brand, our chocolate and the story we are all writing together, makes for a unique formula for the best, most unforgettable experiences (and chocolate creations) possible!

Regardless of our success we are living it together, which is everything.
Congratulations guys 🥂.